Fangs! is Falling Up's fourth album, released on March 24, 2009.

Album Information
Release Date March 24, 2009
Previous Album Discover the Trees Again: The Best of Falling Up
Following Album Your Sparkling Death Cometh

Track ListEdit

  • Blooming from the Corner (Non-numbered Instrumental)
  1. A Colour Eoptian
  2. Lotus and the Languorous
  3. Streams of Woe at Acheron
  4. Magician Reversed
    • The Discoveratory (Non-numbered Instrumental)
  5. Golden Arrows
  6. The King's Garden
  7. Panic and Geo-Primaries
  8. The Moonn and Sixpence
    • Our Lady Satuernn's Reef (Non-numbered Instrumental)
  9. Goddess of the Dayspring, Am I
  10. The Sidewinder Flux
    • Gears Under the Water (Non-numbered Instrumental)
  11. The Chilling Alpine Adventure
  12. Swimming Towards Propellers
    • The Signal from Forum A (Non-numbered Instrumental)

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