How They Made Cameras is the seventh track on the album Captiva.

How They Made Cameras
Album Captiva
Previous Song Maps
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Feeling the glass to tell how cold it's outside the car*

Swerving aside from street to sea, I can't see the stars

All is cold and all is dark, all is cold and all is dark

No more star crossed tears

He is drawing near

Under the trees from moonlit fears, we circle the start

Moving the leaves to flutter free, it's after the heart

No more star crossed tears

He is drawing near

Now salvation sings

Life that Jesus brings

Now reach out to be lost inside

No more star-crossed tears

He is drawing near

[These aren't sung, but they are written in the lyrics booklet]

His dreaming I lost was only made by the coral and


Wrapped around my bruised wrists

Surfaced only when the shells speak through us

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