Your Sparkling Death Cometh is Falling Up's fifth album, released on June 28, 2011.

Your Sparkling Death Cometh
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Album Information
Release Date June 28, 2011
Previous Album Fangs!
Following Album Mnemos EP

Track ListingEdit

  1. Circadian
  2. The Wonder
  3. Blue Ghost
  4. Diamnds
  5. The Light Beam Rider
  6. Oceans
  7. Mscron
  8. Vates
  9. Forms and Shapes
  10. Slow Waves
  11. Darkspeed (Bonus Song)
  12. The Mountain Machine (Bonus Song)



Dangerous lines that glow in the moonlight

I’ve been crossing worlds of silver seas

To numbers and colors and absolute hours

A life I lived held down inside their arms

Now to waking night I’ve come to pay

All my debts they turned and tossed away

Now they drink to sparkle their mistakes

And they’re burying all of the evidence

My glamourous words will catch them

Burying all of the evidence

Some thousands of eyes are watching

Now while they sleep I’ve got endless hours

To leap through windows flying over trees

In the waving world of polyrhythmic lines

And space to fake fictitious plans

In the waking night I’ve made a clamoring

While they tilted heads my faith they were questioning

Movie lines they wrap them up to sleep

And the creeping tune inside them spidering

The WonderEdit

There's a circle of tangled wires

With an endless trail into bedrooms - that connected them all

So you speak lies, speak your mind

But all these words can be dulled out with the pills they discovered

Pretend that I don't have a limit

Your body of glass and your fingers intwined stringed

They're behind your back

Can be seen

You have made a terrible plan

But I can still run

Shot across some distant outlet

Electrical lungs can't hold back a beautiful beat 

That's coursing my veins

Cause my heart's a perfect wonder

Turning pages and signing paychecks

With a stack to heaven and back

It stands like a towering fear

While the signal just spins around us

An invisible tangling machine

With an ominous gear

You pretend that I don't have a future that you can destroy

With the touch of your hand on my hand

Like you don't have a promise that would be kept

So how can you reach me?

Blue GhostEdit

You can see I am in shock

To catch you wearing wires underneath your hear

It was mechanical

But we were born to endless architecture

Spinning to a fault and infinitely strewn

Where you'd be ahead of your time

Cause in this place it's beautiful

Tracing lines your flaws connect the starry skies

He is tracing lines like flashes right before your eyes

Grace comes like a thief in the night

It comes like a thief in the night

It blooms in the weak and the blind

Then they finished their machine

It's algorithmic parts perfectly in time

And that's how they found you

But listen you are born into a landscape

That's glittering like water and covered by a blood

It has been bruised at the heel, the wire's been cut


Storm turn inside me like seas in the storm drains

This is not who I am

Patterns of futures that wander away in mysterious planes

Through the window

I can see you sun lit golden eyes

You got me so caught up oh my God

Arms wrap around you

It's reckless but true once you let it in

Born in the water, take quick to the trees

I want all that you are

I'm taken from the brokenness - it's telling you to start

It's taken from the brokenness - it's telling you to start

Oh what a strange place

The Light Beam RiderEdit

We are drifting in and out of time once again

A moment with suspended hours

All the while oblivious to casts from the grave

Some quiet poised and waiting aim

We are no more than criminals to take what we never had

And across the night there's some criminal who gives what we never had

This is the life everyone has

Dangerous in, dangerous out

So take your heart and cut some holes out breathe in slower speeds

Let gravity take its heed

Of rhythms in a mellatronic rise and recede

A tragical note resonates

We are no more than criminals to take what we never had

No greater love comes from all we know, a grace, like we've never had

Love take hold when leaving this home

Take hold when leaving this home

But all we know are the things that float between stars and our extremities

And when we die there are holes the size of the thing we fear would be left behind


From a lonely spell I felt another life

It leapt before me some dangerous grace

Believe when I say that I want to try

Cause I've been used up and hope has run out

See me alone - this is what they wanted

To see me alone

If your heart's an ocean, then I will drown

Beneath the waves, there will be love

I found a cavern right below my life

That time has passed through and folded inside

And now the future is a waving rise

A mysterious turn, that's telling me that - I saw the future


Light stings his eyes

Can't turn back now

It was so slow that they couldn't predict it

His mind is just treading in infinite space

Cause he can't believe some mysterious chamber

Broke a dangerous leak

That turned to a storming sea it's swallowing up

The last that he knew of beauty

Was it all smoke and mirrors?

A man walked in the room

And sat by his son

Here are the words that are meant to be spoken

This is my purpose, of these words you should know

Close your eyes now

This is the last strength you'll have

Remember your life it was a brilliant color

Remember your mother she was a glowing ember

Remember your heart it had a perfect owner

Sleep now, diving up in pools

Sleep sound leave your fears to fools


They knew my hands were still wrapped around

What they claimed were diamnds from inside

The long hallway I'm floating down to their corridor

And at first I saw the flashes and the beams

But before I knew it I could barely breathe

They looked back to see if I was following them

But I never really left at all

And they turned back to scream that I'm the terrible one

But I just finally found my heart

Beneath the construct of strange machines

They were hiding it away from reach

So betrayed them with tragic speed

My heart calls to me

Forms and ShapesEdit

Help! Things have shaken me

Vascular waves, tracing the same three coloring I have

But now I just noticed this

Slow motion inside

Changing this all somehow

Calling out to take us

Life in between lines

We're wounded and terrified

Calling out to save these lonely forms and shapes

This light with angles spinning here

Worked through my lungs

And spoke out the seams with architect

Now how could I turn back?

You're formed lovely

Mysterious lines have traced you out a beautiful life

It's poor but resonates the sound of falling grace

Slow WavesEdit

They had my lungs on machines

Their rhythm is pumping air - I'm terrified

But I won't let my hope go

I won't let my heart keep from leaping out

It's leaping out